Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It’s not over yet. Who’s in?

It’s not over yet.

Not by a long shot. This is just a hurdle. There will be many propped up in front of both sides. This was a big one for us. And, quite frankly, it beat us. But don’t worry, it’s not over. It will take a while, but all I can say is that I hope in my lifetime I will be able to see every person have equal rights. You know, like it says in the Constitution.

It will be a long, hard, uphill battle. For both sides. But it’s nowhere near over.

The women’s right to vote had hurdles. Interracial Marriage had hurdles. Minorities’ right to vote had hurdles. All of those faced fierce uphill battles with well funded opposition. They all faced their hurdles, and in the end, they overcame them. And today, we look back and say, “Really? That was outlawed? In America? REALLY?!?!?!” (Well, you know, MOST of us say that. Clearly not all…)

But you know what? They were not put to a vote. Do you honestly think ANY of them would have won had it come down to a popularity contest? No, they would not. That’s EXACTLY why civil and personal rights issues are not voted on. Until now, for some reason.

Actually, they were once. Congress and the House passed a certain resolution in the winter of 1917, which was then ratified by 36 of 48 states in 1919. For the first time in U.S. history, an Amendment was added to the Constitution that took away rights. And we all know how long that lasted before level headed minds prevailed. And again, we look back and say, “Really? Really?!?”

I can only hope, when I’m old and grey, that America’s youth will come to me and ask the same questions we now ask our grand and great-grand parents.

Another problem I have with today’s result is the way in which the Yes campaign was run. They ran their campaign on a few ideas that were simply not true. Same sex marriage taught in schools? Sorry, that would never have happened. For one thing, the Superintendent of schools for the State of California came out and said there is no way that would be added to the curriculum. For another thing, they used, for evidence, a link to the sex education information site. I’m sorry, marriage is not taught in sex education, and if it was, it would still not have any mention on who can or cannot get married, only what marriage is. Now they would teach that marriage is only for certain people. A certain right given to some but not all? That’s an idea that is truly NOT American. Also, sex education is NOT, never has been, and never will be, mandatory. If you don’t want your children taking that subject in school, if you would rather teach them at home your own way, which is just fine, you simply don’t sign the permission slip. It’s THAT EASY.

The next lie tossed around is the whopper about churches loosing their tax-exempt status. Sorry, not true. Churches already decide who they marry and who they turn away. If you’re not Mormon, for example, you can’t get married in a Mormon Church. Same with Catholic, and I’m sure MANY other religions. And guess what? They are still tax exempt. So, adding another group to your “Do not marry in this building” list will not in any way jeopardize your tax exempt status.

This fight is not over. It is just elongated. But there are plenty of people willing to continue the fight. I for one am sick of getting pissed off whenever seeing or hearing hatred and lies spewing from anyone trying to convince others they are right. I’m sick and tired of hearing good, honest, hard working American’s getting duped by lies and exaggerations from a few very rich people that want to force their own morals and ideas on everyone else. I’m sick and tired of seeing the direction of this country move towards non-freedom. Towards non-civil rights. Towards non-equality.

I’m sick of it, and even with this blow, it’s not time to give up. It’s time to keep fighting. It’s time to stick up for the rights of our fellow Americans. It’s time to restore equality for all, not just the few, the entitled, the elite.

It’s time to restore equality. It’s time to fight. I’m all for it.

Who’s in?